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Data engineering

Streamlining Costs with Data Organization and Tech Integration

How we optimized operational costs to enhance data efficiency and manage new queries


Gen-AI company

We partnered with BrainLogic AI, a prominent tech company from Uruguay, known for securing the largest AI investment round in Latin America and their successful market launch. They developed Zapia, the first AI assistant specifically designed for the region. This Virtual Assistant is integrated into an instant messaging app, allowing users to interact seamlessly by sending messages for various tasks.

Our role was to help them manage the significant data flow from user conversations, enabling them to unlock the full value of their data and enhance their service.



What was needed

Most of their data is stored in the Cloud and was creating substantial daily costs. This created a financial burden, and they were eager to find a solution. To address this growing issue, we started a joint effort to identify effective strategies to significantly reduce these expenses.

The solution needed to
Reduce Cloud costs
Improve data quality
Increase data analysis efficiency

Data Organization and Tech Integration

The development was divided into stages. First, our task was to assist our client identify the reasons behind their extensive costs. We discovered that the main source of their cloud expenses came from a dashboard that displayed platform usage information. Every time the dashboard was accessed, gigabytes of data were analyzed.

To optimize this, we organized, categorized, and scheduled the data analysis and storage at fixed times. By pre-calculating this information, it becomes readily available when the dashboard is accessed, reducing the amount of data processing required and making the dashboard both cheaper and faster.


Managing New Metrics

At present, our responsibility is to accommodate business analysts and product owners’s requests for new metrics and searches, ensuring a cost-effective integration into the system.

For every new query, we make sure that resources are utilized in the most efficient manner possible. We adopt an agile methodology, in order to be able to quickly answer new petitions, and keep the information systems up-to-date with business analysis needs.



We achieved significant results. Initially consuming over 500 TB of Big Query computed data, the optimized system reduced this consumption to 45 TB in a short period, an impressive reduction in throughput needs. Besides, the implementation of optimized data organization and efficient tech integration resulted in a significant cost reduction of approximately 91%.


The implementation alleviated financial strain and allowed the company to reallocate resources towards innovation and growth. By partnering with us, their data analysts are freed from concerns about implementing processes to obtain specific information or metrics. We take their requirements and efficiently deliver the necessary insight, improving their operational efficiency and enabling faster, more insightful data analysis.

As a result, Brain Logic now operates with enhanced flexibility and scalability, setting itself up for ongoing success in its dynamic market.


reduction in Cloud costs

"They implemented a simple solution, using the best technology available, understanding our needs in an agile and clear way"

Pablo RodrĂ­guez - Co-Founder & Lead AI Engineer
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