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We connect industry actors with new technology to help them innovate on industry 4.0

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The fourth industrial revolution is led by data. Smart factories use Internet of the Things to gather data points about what's happening inside the plant, and AI to analyze it and turn it into actionable insight for higher productivity and quality.


The Smart Factory Roadmap

Every project is different, but this is a roadmap that has been useful for us in many projects.

Defining The Information

Define which is the information you want to extract. How is this information going to be turn into an actionable insight?

Finding The Right Sensor

Finding the right sensor to get the data. Some data can be extracted from simple CCTV cameras. When more detailed measuring is needed, RGB cameras or Lidar sensors could be used.

Using The Cloud For Easier Escalation

Define where’s processing going to be done. Running on the cloud allows for easier escalation, while using Edge devices, reduce operative cost and preserve data privacy.

Gather Data

We set up a development environment that let us gather data. Usually, it’s better to start with a powerful computer running at the place.

Making The Right Code

Develop! Make the right code, train the right model to convert data into information.

Visualizing The Information

Visualize the information or integrate it with existing systems to turn it into visual insights that help decision making.

How We Do It

We Have Used Devices To





Detect errors in production line
Detect potential hazards in the workspace
Detect unsafe working conditions
Detection Use Cases
Measure warehouse space use
Measure load heights
Measure unloading time
Measurement Use Cases



Count stock inventory
Count shelve picks
Count incoming shipments
Counting Use Cases

We Have Helped Factories Improve On


Ensure safety on working places by monitoring the use of helmets and other PPE.

Optimize Space

Constant monitoring of facilities usage to detect congestions and prevent bottlenecks.

Keep Inventory

Detect what’s going in and out of the warehouse.