We strive to lead the way on AI adoption

We are a team of engineers committed to provide AI-based solutions to solve real-world problems.


Understand our client expectations, and delight them. We assure this with a development process that keeps high standards for end results and a team committed to professionalism and keeping an eye on detail.


Adjust to client. Each project reality is different and we adapt to change by being flexible on our workflow and tools.


Keep it simple, elegant. Understand what drives our client business forward, and focus on that. We avoid over-engineering and aim for effective solutions instead.

Our Values

We Build Long Term Relationships


of our current clients have been with us for longer than a year

Long Term Vision

We aim to construct a durable, trustworthy relation with our clients that consolidates a real partnership leading to mutual growth. We know that quality and reliability is the way to achieve this.

Close To Our Clients

We place emphasis on communication. With meets and channels, we make sure progress on development is visible, and encourage reliable flows of client feedback about it.

Beyond Code

More than just a tech provider, we care about our clients goals and the impact our work has on their business. We help discover new ways technology can be used to increment revenue.

Our Approach

Location: Montevideo

We are located on Montevideo, Uruguay. Its fast-paced innovation environment and skilled workforce makes Uruguay a high-quality technology exporter and one of the most prominent technology markets in Latin America.

Our timezone is just one hour ahead of New York, making it easy to find common spots for meetings.


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Why Eidos?

On his philosophy, Plato distinguished between the world we had perception through senses, and the world we could get to know by reasoning about ideas: the eidos.
The eidos emerges when we seek to answer the question: what is the meaning? On AI, data is the tangible, raw reality from which we strive to extract its meaning, the eidos.